Video Tips for Do-It-Yourselfers


Best video position is looking slightly up from eye level so as not to be looking down. Good posture including shoulders straight and back and head held high gives the appearance of health, strength, confidence The camera should be just above eye level so you are looking ever so slightly up to the camera. Do not have the camera below looking up your nose!


If at all possible, use a tripod or other steadying device to keep your camera still. Get focused and start the video.


Do yourself a favor and practice the presentation as many times as you can until you feel comfortable and get your timing down so that you get all your info in without rushing thru it and are able to speak clearly and confidently.


NO Ums, UHHs, “like, you know”, long pauses


FREE Professional Video Services are available with your PAID in full one year subscription ($500 gets you two months FREE – 12 months for the price of 10)
Let us help you out by sending a pro to your place of business to film and edit your video for you at NO additional charge. This service includes ONE HOUR of on site work plus ONE HOUR of processing the video to make it available for uploading to the site. Your professional will help choose the best location for the video and offer tips to help you through the process. You will need to have your basic script ready to go. The video will include one or two fixed location shots. Additional videos, additional time at the business and additional editing will be subject to additional fees.
$250 add on service available with your Paid in Full one year subscription ($500 gets you two months FREE – 12 months for the price of 10)
Our pro will visit your place of business for up to 2 hours and use multiple location shots, better cameras and lighting and offer more assistance/editing in the production of your video.
CUSTOM video services available. Call us to make arrangements with a professional video company to create that perfect video for you. If you contact one of the professionals on our site, make sure to tell them it is for to get special pricing for this project. Our professional video companies offer a wide range of styles and budgets to fit your needs. 
Please call to make arrangements for your professional video shoot today. 860-620-2771
Talk to us about help with your social media and making the video available to other sites.